Download SD Card Formatter

SD Card Formatter is a free desktop SD/SDHC/SDXC format tool. It’s an absolutely essential app to recover compatibility between SD and MicroSD cards on one side and operating systems and devices on the other. Correct formatting not always but often solves the problem of file systems incompatibility in Mac OS/Windows/Android, etc.

SD Card Formatter

Where to download SD Card Formatter for Windows (5.0 >)

SD Card Formatter 5.0 supports the following operating systems: Windows 7 >, MacOS 10.12 Sierra and higher. Consequently, there are two distribution versions of this app: exe and dmg.

We’d recommend downloading SD Card Formatter from the official page, since they keep it up-to-date. The outdated versions of the software (SD Formatter v4) are not available for download due to being incompatible with the latest Windows and Mac OS.

SD Card Formatter vs basic formatting software:

  1. Windows and Mac OS include basic Hard Drive, USB and SD format tools, but we wouldn’t recommend using them since formatting can hinder performance of a memory device significantly. SD Card Formatter doesn’t have this fault. Moreover, this app is often used to correct card reading errors after erroneous basic formatting by Windows.
  2. Unlike system utilities, SD Formatter has nothing to do with Projected Area. This reserved space on a memory card is essential for security functions and must not be formatted.
  3. SD Formatter developers say that formatting is set up to max performance (for FAT filesystem). So during formatting you can keep the settings as is.
  4. Just like other software, SD Formatter tool can’t format encrypted memory cards (for instance, BitLocker To Go). That’s why decoding the content before formatting a card is vital.

How to use SD Card Formatter?

  1. Connect Memory card.
  2. Choose Disk to format.
  3. Click on Format Option.
  4. Implementing formatting.

Frequently Asked Questions

should I replace a drive on a warranty?

I've tried SDFormatter program, but it didn't suggest formatting my card: the program simply couldn't see it.

I tried one more time to connect the card via a card reader to my computer, and (what a miracle!), the card was read (now I'm coping the data from it).

I can see the need to replace it on a warranty, as there are no hopes for its working capacity anymore. But they won't accept it, since it came back to life. My question is: should I wait for the next time it "faints" and hope that at the service centre it won't be brought back to life?

The answer. Check the memory card via HDDScan with different benchmarks. If you find any bad blocks, you have a reason to demand a replacement.

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